Netazu Digital have a true understanding of developing tailored I.T. solutions specifically for the ferry industry. Our clients don't simply outsource development to netazu digital, they entrust us to take responsibility to develop software solutions that deliver results

Years of experience at designing and developing software solutions for the ferry industry
Producing sofware that delivers results on budget & on time
Netazu Digital become a part of your team, accepting responsibility to decrease your project management

Solutions we have delivered


Netazu Digital was tasked with delivering a digital solution enabling freight clients and passengers to access schedule information. Netazu Digital delivered TRANSea, a ferry schedue app. This application enables ferry operators to instantly update schedule information and push notifications via a Data API or 'Desktop Admin' for port administration users. The app also alows marketing messages to be sent direct to users' mobile devises.

Ferry Booking App

Freighlink®, an on-line ferry ticket service provider, wanted to improve its digital reach to clients. Close analysis of the digital market revealed that app downloads / push notification sign up is one of the highest within the transport / travel industry. The key focus was to ensure that the booking process on the app was as seamless as possible, making it uber-easy for clients to make ferry reservations. The app instantly synchronises with desktop updates, meaning office-based operators can deliver bookings to on-the-move drivers immediately. This product can be delivered as a 'white-label' to wrap around customers' existing systems.


Netazu Digital delivered a scalable SaaS ( Software as a solution ) for Freightlink®, including a front-end mobile friendly website and back end software stack. At every level, delivering high efficiancies was a priority. The stack enabled Freightlink® to connect clients digitally throughout Europe with Ferry operators, delivering market leading level of service.


Netazu Digital was tasked with delivering a front-end web E-commerce site, capable of accepting bookings and payments across all digital platforms: dektop, tablet and mobile. This was delivered on time, on budget and has allowed the ferry operator to engage instantly with clients digitally. The comprehensive and flexible pricing structure allow the ferry operator to take full advantage of commercial opportunities. Year-on-year (YoY) booking increased by 130% in the first full year following launch.

Call Handling

Netazu Digital delivered a software solution to enable a well-known Ferry Agency to provide a fully managed call handling and booking service for a leading European Ferry operator. By outsourcing difficult and time consuming bookings, the ferry operator was able to ensure port staff could focus on core activities and critical customer service. The contracted service includes call handling, e-commerce, client invoicing and management reporting.


As part of a "Digitalisation Project" for a leading European Ferry operator, Netazu Digital delivered a fully managed digital translation programme. A key objective was to move existing clients to an online experience, and deliver market growth. The focus was to deliver new business and move existing clients from telephone bookings to an online experience. The project also included running E-mail campaigns, developing new clients via digital channels such as Pay Per Click (PPC), content writing and link building. Results YOY were up by 130% and online bookings improved to 60%.

About Us

Netazu Digital has solid foundations based upon 20 years of working with software design and development within the ferry industry. Unlike other software providers we can expedite processes based on our in-house skills and experience. We understand that software has to deliver projects that provide tabgible results.
We appreciate that ferry companies operate their own software and I.T teams, usually with ever-growing resource demands. Netazu Digital provide support where it is needed, particularly with customer facing technology. As new technologies emerge, Return On Investment (ROI) decisions based on longevity are becoming more challenging: "Will this work for us in the long-term?"
Netazu Digital has developed many ready-to-go key products available straight out of the box, solutions that drastically cust costs, all ready to be delivered within exacting time windows. These integrated products tie in seamlessly to your existing operating system to deliver immediate results.

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